Sunday, October 14, 2007

Two-Part Invention: 1. What She Has Killed

(Each and every one, deeply mourned)

1. ring-necked pheasant
2. rabbit
3. two squirrels
4. innumerable shrews
5. young woodchuck
6. three chipmunks

What She Has Not Killed, Only Confronted

red fox

Nelly: lap dog, momma's girl, and murderer

[thanks to Andrew Garn for inspiration]


Kris said...

I had a dog who shocked me with his murderous capabilities. I lost count of the baby bunnies he killed. After, he'd want to come inside and give me a smooch with his bunny killing mouth. The adult bunnies would laugh at him, running away, then stopping and looking around to see if he was still coming. He got even by slaughtering their young.

Melissa Holbrook Pierson said...

I know, Kris. Sometimes we're so deeply tied to our dogs that we think they're kin--and then they go and do stuff that brings us up real short, like, Wait--what morality do *you* have? Well, it's the morality of a wolf. I have to say, I think Nelly would do OK for herself if she had to go live out in the wild. Of course, she wouldn't have almost the whole of a nice, soft Queen bed (because she pushes me to the edge so I practically fall off). But I suspect she'd eat fairly well. Some dogs would, and some wouldn't.