Monday, September 6, 2010

On Return

Returning is itself like embarking on another journey: inserting yourself back into this newly strange thing called your "life"--as if that wasn't!--becoming "yourself" again--but who might that be?

I have much unpacking to do. From my luggage. And from my mind.

But then: Welcome back.


Charles said...

just curious, why are you on that bike? OH, was that when there were clutch issues?

Melissa Holbrook Pierson said...

I got a few days on the delicious Ducati due to my ineptness with no-clutch riding. (Good excuse, anyway.) Totally loved that bike. Now I want one of them, too.

ronald said...

We haven't met, but I just read your book for the second time. While you obviously having a long affair with Italian bikes, I see that you've been seduced by the Ducati ST. I've a 2003 ST4s, with the same older body style that you rode. I'm happy to see you on one. I'm down in Fairfield, and maybe we'll meet up on the road some day.

Melissa Holbrook Pierson said...

Ronald, I wish this were my ST--I was on my riding partner's while the clutch on my own bike was inoperable. I fell in love with the song (one can only call it that) of the engine rising and falling underneath. Not to mention everything else about the way it feels.

I do hope we can at least wave at one another sometime, or better: show me the roads!

John Leffler said...

You returned a different person (at least somewhat) than when you left. The fit back into your life as it was is not the same.

Welcome back and glad you all had a great time.

Melissa Holbrook Pierson said...

Why is it that everybody else knows the important stuff about me before I do?? You are right, John: I am different. I just realized this. Perhaps radically so.

But then, that is why we travel: the hope for transformation. Sometimes it happens.